Caroline Weaver

A fun website for an incredible artist working in oils, acrylics & sorcery.

Caroline Weaver Website Design

Caroline Weaver Website Design

Caroline’s talent speaks for itself. When being paid in this kind of artwork, I am the richest girl in town.

This was probably the most fun I’ve had on a project because I was able to trade with one of my favourite artists.
Caroline gave me lots of creative freedom with this website and provided me with images for all of her paintings. After researching a variety of options, we liked this layout because it feels fun – like you are playing a card game when you view the images on the homepage. Flip one over and learn a little about it. Click the image and you get a whole lot more. The painting specific pages give you the specifications and a magnified view, ideal for her incredibly detailed work.

Website Screenshots

For a closer look at Caroline’s paintings, please visit

  • Caroline Weaver Website
  • Caroline Weaver Website
  • Caroline Weaver Website
  • Caroline Weaver Website

Project Details:

Kate Swaney in Wordpress


Caroline Weaver, Independent Artist


August 2013



Tools included are:
  • Infinity load for homepage thumbnails
  • Categories for artwork
  • Simple layout for detailed art display
  • Magnifying glass tool for viewing close up detail on paintings
  • Email encryption to prevent spam
  • Blog