Sep 10

The Morphing Hippie

While working at a restaurant in a sleepy little community called Roberts Creek, I have had the pleasure of meeting many contemporary hippies. A part of me loves these folks, with their weird sandals and iPhones. They are just a series of incongruous juxtapositions that delight my dry sense of humour.

Once, while on a serving shift at the restaurant, I took an order from one such fellow sitting on the patio. He was very nice and quickly ordered himself some good ol’ fashioned vegan grub. A ‘Ninja Bowl’ to be exact. I went inside to place the order and do a few other things.

I returned to the table about 10 minutes later, and the vegan was gone. In his place sat a small crystal, about the size of a ping pong ball. Chuckling, I went back inside the restaurant to report my findings to a colleague. I explained that the poor man had morphed into a crystal. How was he to eat his delicious lunch?

When the food was ready and I brought it to the crystal’s table, miraculously, the man was back. “Oh good you’re back.” I said. He looked at me confused, and I laughed at my own joke for the rest of the day.

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