What I Do

I am a communications and marketing professional who can do a lot – and what I can’t do, I learn. Lately I have been making some awesome websites for friends, family, and acquaintances. I also do a lot of trades for really good art.

What I’ve Done

I am currently working as Brand Experience Curator for the Vancouver International Airport. Prior to this, I worked as Marketing Manger for the city’s best theatres – the Orpheum, Queen Elizabeth, Playouse, and Annex, as a Digital Strategist with the City of Vancouver where I was involved in civic digital communications. I worked on a variety of projects for all departments, and created new ways to explain some pretty complex stuff to the public.

I’ve worked in digital marketing with the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC. I spent my time using web, social, and email channels to make a case for selling our product to lawyers. How can they argue with that?

I have 6 years of leading teams as a Project Manager, having worked at Clarity.ca in Calgary and at Graphically Speaking in Vancouver. I have managed digital marketing initiatives for high profile accounts. I also love working on non-profit projects for arts and community groups, such as the BCSPCA and The House of Dangerkat dance company.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Simon Fraser University which I graduated from 12 whole years ago. Where has the time gone? *insert sniffling and achy knee sound effects*

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I grew up in a small town called Gibsons, BC with my Canadian dad, my Kiwi mum, and my Spanish brother.

As a kid, my top two career choices were:

  1. Singing Dancing Hairdresser
  2. Paula Abdul

As I grew up, my professional interests changed, and fortunately, I never did become Paula Abdul.

I’ve traveled quite a bit and had some pretty incredible road trips. I love taking photos of ridiculous juxtapositions and weird stuff that other people don’t notice. My favorite subject for photos is unusual signage. I just can’t get enough. You can see my ‘i saw the sign’ series here »

I love humour and try to be as funny as possible. Usually am the one laughing the longest. Its tacky, but at lease one of us is having a good time.

Also, I’m the goof who wore a McDonalds French Fry outfit to the office on Halloween… and by god, will I do it again.

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I am extremely dedicated at work and have a desire to always learn, grow and excel in the workplace. I refuse to be anything but the best at whatever I am doing and am always investing time into improving myself.

Pssst, down here

I am currently looking for new contracts!
I’d love to work with a company that embraces the values that I do in my everyday life – accountability, integrity, creativity, and social responsibility. Are we a match?

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep

- Scott Adams