Shift Education

Keeping things open, and creating a safe space.

Shift Education

Website, art direction, and online store

Creating open environments and demonstrating workshop and teaching styles.
Jessica Wollen of Shift Education is a great gal from the Sunshine Coast with some big ideas. She works with youth and adults to promote healthy understandings of sex and relationships, and the impacts of technology.

I worked with Jessy to create a look and feel that didn’t paint anybody into a corner – we want people from all walks of life, all genders, all sexual preferences, and all identities to be included. Her method of teaching is open and engaging, and her website needed to reflect this.

Jessy offers online support materials, and for this we implemented an ecommerce component with a protected download. Her business is growing, like the people she teaches. So is her website.


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Project Details:

Kate Swaney in Wordpress CMS


Jessica Wollen at Shift Education


March 2016